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Remington Lamp has manufactured exquisitely hand sewn, fully lined lampshades for over 75 years. All Remington shades sewn and hardback are manufactured in the USA, and are of exceptional quality and craftsmanship. We now give you the ability to design your own custom lampshades online.

Getting Started

This Design Center will assist you in the lampshade design and quotation process.

Please review the topics below to assist your decision making in the design process.

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How to Measure a Lampshade

A Word About Spiders, Washer Drops and Fitters

Most shades have a spider of crossed wires at the top which are recessed approximately X” to 1” from the top of the frame. This is commonly referred to as a machine bend. The spider can also be flush with no recess, or a custom drop as specified by you. The spider can be finished in one of three ways: polished brass, nickel or painted white. The fitter is the device at the apex of the wires used to attach the shade to the lamp. It can be a washer, a type-A nord fitter, E-12 candelabra nord fitter, type-A Edison clip or E-12 candelabra clip. A nord fitter is a ring at the apex of the spider which is placed over and rests on a threaded socket and has a ring which screws down to lock the shade in place.

Sewn vs. Hardback Lampshades

Sewn shades are fabric lined and have a full frame.

Hardback shades are constructed of fabric/papers laminated to styrene.

How to request a custom shade quote

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